Pre Setup Spreadsheet


Spreadsheet Controls

Enter directly into spreadsheet. When a row is highlighted you can make your entries through the keyboard and pressing the enter key to evaluate your entry.
The CS button will clear the spreadsheet.
The NC button stands for new calculation and will zero your calculation so you can start a new one. The spreadsheet will let you do two calculations in a budget the income and expenses. Click on the row numbers to the left of the spreadsheet to delete the numbers in the row of the spreadsheet.

The power of a spreadsheet with no setup time.

     Use for budgeting, estimating, financial projections or totaling long columns of numbers.
Budget Calculator To use as adding machine just enter the number in the calculator field and press enter, or go and a running total will be kept in the total field Many calculations and totals can de done on the spreadsheet by pressing the New Calculation button witch zeros the total field that allows for the start of a new calculation.
The spreadsheet has 20 rows. In each row in the calculator column there is an in line calculator where you can, if need be, do calculations, 45+6, 2*3, 67/8, 44-44,ect.. after these numbers are entered and the enter key or go key is pressed the calculation will be evaluated and printed in the value field. Furthermore the value field will be sent to the total field and a running total of all the rows will be kept. This program is for budgets, estimates, totaling long rows of numbers, shopping lists and more. The numbers are saved when entered so you can come back later and they will still be there. This is a simple program created for non computer professionals just type in the number or calculation in the calculator column and press enter. Calculation from ages has been a very important job. Without calculation, one cannot imagine life on this planet. There would not be any Televisions, radios or cell phones. Simple calculations are a part and parcel of our daily life. However, tedious calculations have proved to be an improbable task many a times. Moreover, important calculations like that of one’s budget prove to be very difficult and tiresome if one uses a piece of paper and pencil. In order to overcome this handicap spreadsheets have entered the arena of calculation. A spreadsheet can have as many cells as a user wants and can put the designated values there to have the desired result. However, if you are a casual spreadsheet user then it might take ages for you to set the spreadsheet up. The key here is that we have a budget calculator with a free spreadsheet tagged along. The basic disadvantage of a spreadsheet for a newbie is that it takes time to learn how to work on a spreadsheet. But not this one. This free spreadsheet is very easy to use. Here you can enter all the entries into the spreadsheet and can keep on adding them using the Tot button. The desired result will appear on the spreadsheet. This budget calculator has the following advantages- Size of this budget calculator or the spreadsheet calculator is such that it fits any window. This is the only budget calculator where you will have the option of using a full-blown spreadsheet. Proper documentation of the entries in this budget calculator. As discussed earlier, one can view the running total. One can save one’s result and hence can even print them using this budget calculator. The spreadsheet also becomes a type of proof-reader for you entries as you need not check the entries repeatedly and thus save some time. This is an important aspect of this budget calculator. Here unlike other websites, everything is free and there are absolutely no hidden costs on using out budget calculator. You can even use this budget calculator for billing. Hence, this budget calculator being simple to use is made for one and all and is completely devoid of any kind of error.